I’m getting brown spots dead areas on my lawn. What could be the cause?

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A common problem in Ontario is mostly caused by ‘grubs’. The “WHITE GRUB” and “LEATHER JACKETS” they both consume the roots of the grass plant thus killing the crown and leaving brown patches throughout your lawn

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LEATHER JACKET larva stage
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White Grub and Leather Jacket Damage Control

The most important thing to do to reduce any problems with lawns is to ensure your lawn is healthy by providing regular fertilizing , dethaching and aeration to create a strong healthy robust lawn and root system.
Beneficial Insects – Predatory Nematodes Specific to White Grubs or Leather Jackets.
Predatory nematodes are naturally occuring microscopic roundworms that attack soil larvae of grubs. They are best used as a preventative application applied to newly hatched larvae. This means that the best time to apply the nematodes is in late August into early October depending on geographic location. The nematodes will not control all the grubs in the soil, but will reduce the grub populations and thereby reduce any potential lawn damage. They are naturally occurring in the soil, but we inundate the soil with the nematodes in order to achieve infection of the larvae.
There are a few factors to consider when applying nematodes.
1. Apply the nematodes to moist soil. If applied to dry soil, the nematodes will die. We recommend a heavy watering prior to the application of nematodes to not only wet out the soil but also to drive the grubs closer to the surface and closer to the nematodes.
2. Avoid applying nematodes during bright sunny days. UV light kills nematodes, so it is best to apply them early or late in the day when light levels are low, or during an overcast day.
3. Water the nematodes into the soil as soon as possible. Water carries the nematodes off the leaves of the lawn into the soil where the grubs live.